Bulbs, or "hidden treasure", as they’re often called, hibernate happily below the soil until their time to shine arrives. There are bulbs for every season, all of them pick well with a long vase life, and many of them are well scented. Poets have been inspired to write about the daffodils in spring, which just wouldn’t be the same without them, along with tulips and peonies. Lilies take centre stage in summer with the deliciously scented Christmas Lilies which last so well, along with gladioli with their tall majestic spires. Bulb is a general term including corms and tubers but they’re all easy to grow, just needing plenty of sun and good drainage. Best of all is the bonus of bulbs multiplying over the years, plants for free!

Anemone Blanda - Blue Meadow

These amazing little Woodland anemones are a must in all gardens!

Anemone Blanda - Mixed Bulb

Starry shaped flowers in soft pinks, whites, reds, and blues.

Anemone Blanda - Pink star

A shade of lovely bright cyclamen pink, the pink star has a creamy gold centre and a thin band of white on the petals around its centre.

Anemone Blanda - White Splendour

An amazing little Woodland Anemone - a must in all gardens!

Anemone Blue Poppy Bulb

If you love blue flowers, then you need to add this beauty to your garden.

Anemone Bordeaux Bulb

Red wine lovers will appreciate the deep red, almost mahogany coloured petals of this anemone.

Anemone De Caen Mixed

A wonderful mix of dutch windflowers. A blend of white, pink, red and blue.

Anemone Green Heart

Single flowered anemone, white with a green heart.

Anemone His Excellency

Striking red Anemone bulbs are easy to grow and give your garden a royal flare with their majestic blossoms. They have bright red petals each touched with a distinct black button centre and white halo.

Anemone Mt Everest

The anemone Mount Everest is a classic Snow White double flowing variety with slightly ruffled, multi-petaled flowers adorned with a centre of lime green stamens.

Anemone Pastel Mixed

The sweetest mix of pastel, bicolored anemones. Blooms range from white, brushed with lavender or cherry-red to violet. No two blooms are the same.

Anemone St Brigid Mixed

A semi-double mixture of rainbow brights including red, lilac, purple, royal blue and white.

Anemone Sylphide

Anemone Sylphide features bright violet-pink poppy-like flowers adorned with a powdery dome of black stamens their centre

Anemone The Bride Bulb

If you are after masses of pure white flowers in spring, look no further.

Asparagus Pacific Purple

The large, fat, juicy, purple spears of this sweet asparagus appear in spring.

Asparagus Purple Passion

‘Purple Passion’ is considered a connoisseur’s selection of asparagus with a refined sweet flavour which becomes mildly nutty when cooked. Purple Passion is a unique asparagus variety, its special, attractive purple colour, flavour and tenderness distinguish this variety from others.

Asparagus UC157

Very early spear emergance. All green, smooth, tight-tipped medum spare diameter. For use in both green and white production. High tolerance to fusarium and moderate tolerance to rust and blight. Heat tolerant. Grows well in cold regions a well as warmer to hot cliamtes (prefers milder winters - can be grown anywhere using mulch during cold winters).

Begonia Avalanche

Cascade Begonias are simply outstanding. Planted in hanging baskets or tall pots only, their giant flowers, on long trailing arms, make a dazzling display. They produce medium to large blooms with leafy tall foliage and are very hardy and easy to grow.

Begonia Blaze of Fire

Frilled Begonia blooms have lovely frilled edges that produce masses of colour from the purest of white, the most delicate tints of pink, yellow and orange to the most intense scarlet and richest crimsons. Great in the garden, pots or hanging baskets.

Begonia Fishermans Luck

Tuberous Begonias are known for their vibrant coloured blooms. They add flair to the front of a border or provide a magnificent display in pots.

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