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Roses are deciduous shrubs. Hybrid Tea roses grow from 1 to 2 metres in height with large double flowers on single stems. Some are fragrant. Floribunda roses grow 1 to 1.5 metres in height with many clusters of flowers on one stem. Climbers or pillar roses grow 2 metres plus in height. Some have hybrid tea type flowers others floribunda clusters. Old Fashioned roses are often called species roses. Some grow to 4 metres in height, some are fragrant and have colourful hips in winter. English roses (modern shrub) are bred to retain the best old fashioned rose traits of fragrance and flower form, but benefit from modern breeding being disease resistant and continuous flowering. They grow to a height of 1 to 2 metres. David Austin roses are popular English roses. Miniature roses grow from a height of 15 to 50cm, are compact bushes, do not require pruning and are great in patio pots and tubs.

A Gardeners Dream Modern Bush Rose

Charming clusters of fragrant apricot blooms with vintage ruffle form. An easy care plant, this multiple flowering beauty lives up to its name in every way, making it a gardener’s dream! Bred in NZ by Bob Matthews. Named for Wanganui Garden Centre. Height 1.1m

A Moment in Time Moder Bush Rose

Blush champagne, vintage form. Healthy, easy care.

A Shropshire Lad David Austin

Slightly cupped soft peachy pink double, tea fragrance. Tall.

Abraham Darby David Austin

Very fragrant soft peachy pink, pale yellow reverse. Medium.

Absolutely Fabulous Old Fashioned Rose

Floribunda. Scented, butter-gold, old-fashioned form. Prolific, healthy. Medium.

Akaroa Modern Bush Rose

Rich cherry cerise with white reverse on petals

Albertine Climbing Rose

Masses of semi-double fragrant coppery pink blooms.

All My Love Climbing Rose

Large clusters of mid-pink flowers with classic hybrid tea form mild fragrance.

Angels Delight Hybrid Tea

Fragrant, double rich apricot/orange on single stem, dark foliage. Medium.

Anna Leese Floribunda

Fragrant apricot, yellow-orange, and red. Dark green foliage. Medium.

Anniversary Floribunda

Prolific porcelain pink. Excellent. Medium.

Aotearoa NZ Hybrid Tea

Pink buds open to large pale creamy salmon. Fragrant. Tall.

Apricot Scentasia Floribunda

Very prolific fragrant soft apricot. Medium.

Auckland Metro Hybrid Tea

Large fragrant creamy white flowers in clusters. Medium.

Avalanche Floribunda

Very prolific cream buds opening to white. Low.

Banksia Yellow Rose Climber

Clusters of dainty small yellow flowers in spring. Thornless.

Bathsheba Climbing Rose

Large fragrant apricot/orange, very healthy, repeat flowering.

Benjamin Britten Shrub Rose

Fragrant red cupped flowers with a touch of orange, opening to attractive rosettes. Medium.

Berry Nice Modern Bush Rose

Shades of magenta pink flowers smother this easy care bush.

Best Friend Hybrid Tea

Very strongly scented vibrant cerise pin. Medium to Tall.

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