July in the Edible Garden

Check out this month's gardening tips

Ornamental and fruit trees are in!

Start an orchard at home! 

You don't need a lot of space to start an orchard at home, a well-designed orchard means you can be self-sufficient in fruit all year round.

Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to plant your trees. The cooler temperate helps encourage new root growth and reduces the risk of drought or sun scorch. The trees focus on growing new roots over Autumn, when planting now they're able to develop multiple and stronger roots. 

Shop them in-store now! We have plenty of variety and expert advice on how to get started and maintain your trees.


Christchurch's Iconic Home & Garden Destination

Terra Viva has been a well-known destination since 1997, offering a delightful abundance of quality plants for the garden and desirable wares for the home. Paired with honest, friendly and knowledgeable advise, the Terra Viva experience goes unrivalled in Christchurch. With a popular cafe (judged Christchurch's best cafe in 2014) and full landscape design service under the same roof, Terra Viva is well loved by both gardeners and foodies alike.

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