Christchurch’s Iconic Home & Garden Destination

After opening our doors in 1997, Terra Viva has become an iconic Christchurch destination, combining three favourite pastimes into one attractive complex. Enjoy the full-of-ideas garden centre, the inspiring homewares & giftwares department, and then relax in the fully-licensed café. A full landscape design service is another popular facet of the business.

When Peter and Juliet opened Terra Viva Home & Garden/Café they did so with some strong principles on which they wanted to base both their overall vision and their day-to-day operations.  The phrase ‘family business’ extends out into the community of staff, customers, and suppliers.

A happy and valued staff base permeates through to a happy and valued customer base, not the other way round.

While we cannot satisfy all staff aspirations at Terra Viva, we try to foster an atmosphere where hard work is combined with respect and support between management and staff, and between staff members.                                                                   

We always aim for the highest standards but we make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and believe that as far as possible the workplace should be a fun place to spend the working day.                                                       

In turn this creates a positive atmosphere in which customers feel welcomed, comfortable, and respected.

As a retail business we are dependent on our suppliers which makes our relationships with them a vital component of success.  All company reps are treated with respect and financial honesty is integral when it comes to oversupply/undersupply and payments.

We believe that the relationship between customers and the Terra Viva team is vital to our continued existence and that fostering those relationships has a value that goes well beyond money changing hands; the lives of both parties should be all the better for the interaction.

In an era where the definition of ‘success’ has been narrowed right down, we aim to operate Terra Viva ‘successfully’ on a somewhat wider definition and where our fundamental values are not negotiable.

Meet the Team


Peter Worsp

You’re never too old to learn
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General Manager


Good at: pots and being loud. Kristo's recipe for happiness: Wanna be happy for a day – drink a...
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Assistant Manager


I love what I do! I look after tools, plant care, seeds, bulbs, irrigation, lawns, sundries...
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Back Office Queen


I work in the office pricing product before it goes into the shop, along with all the normal...
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Customer Service


Noeline is our longest serving staff member, clocking up a whole 17 years of service - medal worthy!
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Customer Service


I look after potted colour and I'm a happy handy helper.
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Seedlings & Herbs


Area - veges, flowers, herb Interest  - My favorite things are gardening (of course) camping...
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Customer Service


Area - Mean as behind a broom when im not helping out at the till.
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Senior Buyer & Promotions


Area - I get to choose all the lovely goodies in the shrub and perennial areas.
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Customer Service/Merchandising


Homeware and gift displays
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Department buyer


Potting Mixes, Edibles, trees, Water gardening, Water Features, garden art
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Customer Service


Life's a garden, dig it!
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Customer service


Service with a smile!
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Home & Giftware


Pretty things
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Passion for green living
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Helping hand
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