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Fiskars Bypass Lopping Shears

Fiskars Bypass Lopping Shears (Bypass Lopper)

Fiskars loppers are suitable for any kind of cutting in the garden, with cutting capacity up to ø 50mm. The unique Power-Gear™ mechanism increases cutting power and distributes it evenly throughout the cutting action. The PowerStep™ technology allows gardeners to cut branches in 1, or multiple steps. It makes the workload easier on young and senior gardeners alike, eliminating strain and pain to increase the overall pleasure of gardening.

Fiskars loppers are made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide, which makes them lightweight and strong. The cutting blades are PTFE- coated for less friction. The loppers are available in three different models: anvil and bypass with hook or scissor head. Fiskars anvil loppers are designed for cutting dry and hard wood. Fiskars bypass lopper with hook head is suitable for heavy cutting of fresh wood. Fiskars bypass loppers with scissor head are designed for precision cutting, allowing cutting with the tips of the blades.

  • Lopper of compact design also cuts very small sprigs
  • Bypass cutting action to reach branch base

Fiskars Bypass Lopping Shears Bypass Lopper

PowerGear™ Bypass Lopper (L)

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