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Apple Liberty/Baujade

Apple Liberty/Baujade (Apple Dual)

Liberty is widely accepted as top in flavour of the early apples bred for disease resistance. Fruit trees with more than one variety growing on the tree are called ‘doubles’, ‘triples’, ‘family trees’ and ‘fruit salad trees’. Compatible varieties are selected to grow on the one tree which must be in the same family. Flavour develops during storage. Braeburn Type. Heavy bearer. Spur bearing. Baujade: A French bred Granny Smith-type without the thick skin of a Granny Smith apple. Ripening late season. Medium size, sweet and aromatic. Well suited to warmer areas. Spur bearing. Self fertile. Ripe early/late season.

Apple Liberty/Baujade Apple Dual

Attractive red blushed apples with crisp, juicy flesh and a well-balanced sweet-tart flavour.

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