“The natives are restless!” – quite the opposite is true – the natives are actually very restful with soothing shades of green, grey, red, yellow, and everything in between. The old concept of natives being a mass of green is behind the times, and by planting contrasting colours and using the wide range of foliage types you’ll create an interesting background or screen. Lots of the natives have been hybridised to give us improved forms and better performers – “Go native!”

Astelia Silver Spear Chatham Island Astelia

This striking, silver coloured flax-like plant is perfect for providing contrast in the garden amongst other leafy and textured plants.

Carex Everest Flax

This is a neat, pale creamy green grass that holds its colour, form and texture all year round.

Carex Everillo Flax

The bright yellow foliage of this grass forms neat, compact mounds which quickly cover large, open areas.

Carex Snowline Flax

This plant is a popular choice with gardeners as the two-toned, dark green and pale cream leaves add interest to wherever it is planted.

Coprosma Scarlet O’Hara Coprosma repens

If you love autumnal tones and colours, then look to this neat and tidy shrub to add some welcome colour with its rich red and plum coloured foliage that is edged in cream.

Cordyline Raspberry Fountain Cordyline Australis 'Raspberry Fountain'

This mounding and graceful looking shrub has strappy, bright red foliage which cascades from a central point.

Cordyline Red Fountain Tesselaar

Packed with personality and vibrant colour, this mounding cabbage tree has all year round appeal with its arching intensely rich red foliage.

Corokia Frosted Chocolate Corokia Frosted Chocolate

This hardy, compact, native shrub has rich, toffee coloured leaves that are splashed with silver tones.

Corokia Geentys Green Corokia x virgata

This evergreen shrub is hardy, good looking and robust to a variety of situations.

Griselinia Broadway Mint Griselinia littoralis

This versatile and popular evergreen has bright, shiny, mint green leaves that appeal all year round.

Griselinia Canterbury Grisleinia Littoralis

The glossy, lime green leaves shine in and contrast well against the dark red stems from which they appear.

Hebe Black Panther Scrophulariaceae

This upright Hebe has large, glossy, plum and ebony coloured leaves all year round, when wet, they glisten.

Hebe Decumbens Hebe

This low growing native covers the ground with ease.

Hebe Emerald Green Hebe Emerald Green

This Hebe is as neat as a pin, with its compact, tight as a drum habit, it forms neat, formal looking domes of bright green foliage.

Hebe Pretty in Pink Hebe

This low growing, mounding shrub is a good option to cover the ground in garden borders.

Hebe Rhubarb and Custard Rhubarb & Custard

This plant is a bit of an exhibitionist all year round with its eye-catching cream, green and red foliage.

Hebe Wiri Mist Wiri Mist

This compact native forms neat, low growing mounds of fresh green, in summer crisp, white flowers cover the plant adding to its charm.

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