How To Grow Blueberries

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Summary of Top Tips on Planting Blueberries

Blueberries are high in antioxidants and anti-inflamatory properties which do a wealth of good to your body! Healthy bushes produce 5-8kg of blueberries per bush, in order to maximise your blueberry bush, plant two as they polinate each other leading to bigger and juicer fruit as well as an extend fruiting season of up to 5 months, stretching right through from December to April.

Blueberries bushes dont have to be limited to the edible garden, they have attractive folliage that allows them to be planted in with other shurbs or in amongst your roses.

Soil conditions

Blueberries require acidic soil for healthy bushes, when planting in the garden use around half a bag of peat mixed in with the soil. When planting in pot use a pot specific acid mix such as the Daltons Acid Mix.


Use the iCan Slow Food when planting as this provides balanced base nutrients for two years. You can then top it up in autumn and spring with the Yates Thrive Camellia, Gardenia & Blueberry Plant Food. This contains essential trace elements for overall plant health & vitality which promotes greener foliage and larger, more abundant flowers & fruit.


Within the first 1-2 years the bush won't require any pruning, allow it to establish and in the third year around winter you can start pruning. Look for spindley branches, ones that cross over and ones that are grey in colour as they are the older branches and won't produce as much fruit. Each year after you are looking to prune back around 1/3 of the bush.


Make use of the Organza Fruit Protection Bags, they protect against birds, wasps and insects. The organza mesh will allow airflow to circulate and let the sun rays in. Ensure you apply the bags before the blueberries start showing colour as the bird will get to them pretty early, well before they are ripe. 

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