How To Dwarf Stone Fruit Trees in pots

A 3 minute read by Peter Worsp

Filmed and produced by Pippa Marffy.

Items Required:

  • Large pot (Much larger than the tree)
  • Good quality potting mix (Daltons Tub Mix or similar)
  • Your desired fruit tree (Peach Bonanza featured in video)
  • Fertiliser (iCan Slow Release and Tui Novatec mentioned)

Summary of Dwarf Stone Fruit Trees in pots

You'll purchase your plant in autumn which is the perfect time to plant as the soil tempratures are warm enough to encourage root growth and milder tempratures reduce water stress.

At time of planting sprinkle in a handful of iCan Slow Food, this ensures a slow release of balanced base nutrience. 

Feed again in the spring with a premium fertiliser such as the Tui NovaTec as it provides a sustained release of easy to absorb nitrogen, giving your plant a balanced and even spread of all essential nutrients  resulting in stronger, healthier plants and higher yields from the garden. 

Potted plants tend to dry out more quickly that those in the garden so ensure regular watering around 2-3 times a week dependant on the temprature. Good watering leads to good size fruit and quantity.

They require little to no pruning, on occasion some branches from the middle may be taken out if the plant look congested but don't require much pruning to be a healthy plant.


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