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Tulip Tres Chic

Tulip Tres Chic ()

Lily flowered Tulips have lovely curved and pointed petals and are quite similar to a crown. These tulips flower beautifully  on 30-40 cm stems making a great cut flower. They are easy to grow in a sunny well drained position, but prefer a southern cool spot in warmer districts. Plant the bulbs in well prepared soil, 6-8 cm deep and 10-15cm apart, ideally in bold clumps. If drainage is a problem, plant slightly shallower and mound the soil over them. Tip: Snap off the old flower heads to push their energy into bulb growth. Tulips are best lifted in November to December and kept in a cool dry place with air movement, plant the bulbs again in April to May.

Tulip Tres Chic


Cream white fading to white. Tulip Tres Chic is a beautiful new Lily Flowered Tulip with a nipped-in waist giving an elegant shape, a shorter variety that will hold its shape and is a good long lasting flower.

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