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Grosafe EnSpray 99 (Insecticide & fungicide)

Action: Suffocation – EnSpray 99® inhibits eggs, nymphs and adult insects and mites breathing resulting in suffocation. This mode of action is through direct contact. Behaviour Modification: EnSpray 99® can also affect feeding and egg laying activity by interfering with a pest’s ability to detect host plants. EnSpray 99® protects the plant from feeding damage and reduces the population density. Oil has been found to affect the feeding and egg-laying behaviour of leafminers, thrips, whiteflies and mites. Fungicide Action: EnSpray 99® Suffocates pathogen EnSpray 99® Prevents fungi adhesion to the host EnSpray 99® Prevents sporulation and decreases lesion adhesion, as a preventative and curative EnSpray 99® Prevents infection EnSpray 99® has demonstrated broad-spectrum activity against powdery mildew. Adjuvant Action: EnSpray 99® has a synergistic effect when mixed with most pesticides by protecting them from breakdown, increasing their efficacies, enhancing cuticular penetration of pesticides and ensuring chemical residue will last longer on plant surface. It also reduces evaporation and spray drift. It can increase the adherence and spreading by reducing surface tension.

Grosafe EnSpray 99 Insecticide & fungicide

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An emulsifiable, narrow range spray oil for the control of mites, aphids, thrips, scale and powdery mildew.

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