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Grosafe BioPower Seaweed Flake (Plant food)

Benefits of Use: Consistent use of BioPower® Seaweed Flake supplements a well balanced nutritional programme. Use BioPower® Seaweed Flake to increase yield, improve overall plant nutritional health, improve root growth and development, improve plant vigour and maximise crop potential during periods of stress.

Directions: Fill sprayer with the required amount of water and add 10gms of BioPower® Seaweed Flake per 5 litres of water (2gms per litre). Using the measuring cap supplied 5mls = 2gms.

Grosafe BioPower Seaweed Flake Plant food

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A pure seaweed bio stimulant extracted from fresh Ascophyllum nodosum, for use on ornamentals, fruit, vegetables and turf to enhance plant growth, improve yields and crop quality.

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