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Gladioli Purple Flora

Gladioli Purple Flora ()

Purple Flora can produce rewarding results with little effort. Gladioli are sometimes known as “Sword Lilies” or “Glads” These Summer flowering corms produce tall slender stems ranging from 80 – 120 cm high. Their striking colour combinations make a real statement in most gardens.

All Fiesta’s Gladioli are grown, processed, graded and cured to export quality. They are available from between July and September from us but can be planted right through to December.

Plant in full sun and in well-drained soil,  if soil is heavy mound it up so that excess water will run off from around the area were the corm has been planted.  Protect them from strong winds by either planting in a shelter spot or supporting them with a growth support system. Insects and fungi can attack these plants so it is advisable to spray about every 2 – 3 weeks with an insecticide and fungicide to keep your plants looking their best.

Gladioli can be timed to flower any time during summer simply by planting about 90 days before you require them to be in flower, but avoid planting until the danger of frosts have passed. You can also use this timing to create a long lasting display with stagger planting.

The blooms can be removed when they have begun to fade but leave the foliage until it has died down. Lift the corms in autumn and store in a cool, dark place with plenty of air movement until July - August then plant out again in the normal way.

Gladioli Purple Flora

Tall and magnificent, Gladiolus 'Purple Flora' boasts, large, velvety, violet-purple flowers opening from dark indigo buds. These eye-catching ruffled blossoms are arranged closely and symmetrically on strong and erect spikes rising above pointed sword-like leaves. Since the flowers open from the bottom of the spikes up, sword-lilies provide a long lasting floral display.

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