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Gardena Comfort Bypass Secateurs

Gardena Comfort Bypass Secateurs (Secateurs with integrated spring)

The Gardena Comfort Bypasssecateurs with integrated spring have a non-stick-coated upper blade and bottom blade made of rust-proof stainless steel are perfect for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood (up to 24mm). The extra-narrow cutting head permits particularly precise cutting.

The ergonomically-shaped adjustable handles (from S to XL) with shock absorption and two hand positions provide maximum comfort and strength when cutting. The spring is integrated so cannot be lost and is protected from dirt. The secateurs have a practical single-hand safety lock for safe storage, wire cutters and a sap groove and are backed with the Gardena 25 year warranty.

Gardena Comfort Bypass Secateurs Secateurs with integrated spring

Light, adjustable handles and durable.

Please call for availability.

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