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Flower Carpet® Pink Splash

Flower Carpet® Pink Splash (Pink Splash Carpet Rose®)

Bi-colour flowers, with variable amounts of hot pink and pale pink in each flower. Begins flowering mid Spring to mid Autumn.

Low maintenance and disease resistant. Once established, drought and low-water tolerant. Pruning is optional: once a year in late winter or early spring.

In full sun, masses of flower clusters cover each Flower Carpet® rose bush from Spring to late Autumn. In part shade – two to three hours of sun per day – there are fewer flowers. The foliage is dense, green and glossy on a bush with a good, mounded shape.

Planting tips: These roses thrive in most climates and soils but perform best in well-drained crumbly garden soil with added organic matter. Plant virtually whenever: for massed plantings, two to three plants per square metre (3ft); for borders space them 80cm (32") apart.

Ways to use them: Plant Flower Carpet roses: into mixed garden beds for a cottage garden or perennial border look; en masse for blocks of colour; into large containers; as a loose low hedge; or in low-maintenance high-end commercial landscapes.

Flower Carpet® Pink Splash Pink Splash Carpet Rose®

Flashy and showy.

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