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Begonia Summer Dawn

Begonia Summer Dawn ()

'Summer Dawn' Non-Stop Begonias produce medium to large blooms on compact branching bush and are very hardy and easy to grow. A rewarding plant, they prefer a sunny or partly shaded spot. Begonias are just as easily grown indoors as out, and will produce masses of colour with very little effort. 

Tip: Pluck off any single flowers to encourage the large double flowers to come. 

Begonia’s are best left out of the soil in a warm spot, ideally in good sunlight where they will sprout and start growing slowly. Once the shoots are 2-3 cm long they should be planted 4-5 cm deep in well worked soil. Do not allow to dry out and keep in mind that Begonias are frost sensitive so be sure to plant after the frosts have passed.

Begonia Summer Dawn

'Summer Dawn' Non-Stop Begonias will flower for weeks on end giving everyone delight.

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