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Asparagus UC157

Asparagus UC157 ()

Select a sunny permanent position and be sure all couch, grass, roots, and oxalis etc are completely removed. The bed should be raised 10-12cm above the surrounding garden to ensure good drainage. If available, work into the ground compost, stable or fowl manure, or a good dressing of blood and bone fertilizer.

To plant the crowns, open up a 15 cm wide trench 7-8 cm deep and place crowns 45 cm apart with roots spread out in star fashion. The soil should then be replaced covering the crowns, and keep rows 60-80 cm apart.

In the first year cut spears for 2 weeks only – then allow plants to go to fern. Each year the cutting period can be extended until plants have become fully established. Usually the cutting ceases in early December when plants are then allowed to run to fern. In Autumn remove all fern when it has completely yellowed off.

Asparagus UC157

Very early spear emergance. All green, smooth, tight-tipped medum spare diameter. For use in both green and white production. High tolerance to fusarium and moderate tolerance to rust and blight. Heat tolerant. Grows well in cold regions a well as warmer to hot cliamtes (prefers milder winters - can be grown anywhere using mulch during cold winters).

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