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Here’s another garden possibility with endless benefits including flowers, fruit, summer shade, wind protection, screening, and most importantly, structure. The strength of any good design is always in the structure and the right choice of tree is an intrinsic part of that design. ‘The right time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the next best time is now.’

Acer Fireglow Acer Palmatum Fireglow

Fireglow is a popular type of Japanese maple, it forms a small, neat, upright tree.

Acer Green Cascade Japanese Maple

Green cascade is a weeping Japanese maple, with finely cut leaves.

Acer Viridus Acer palmatum dissectum Viridis

One of the most widely planted weeping Japanese maples, finely cut leaves.

Almond All in One Prunus amygdalus

All-In-One produces heavy crops of soft-shell nuts with sweet, flavourful kernels.

Almond Self Fertile Almond Tree

This variety is a self pollinating almond, producing gorgeous blossoms in spring time.

Apple Ballarat Apple Tree

Deemed to be one of the best cooking apples.

Apple Ballerina Bolero Apple Tree

The most compact apple tree.

Apple Ballerina Polka Apple Tree

'Polka' has medium sized fruit with green skin blushed red.

Apple Ballerina Waltz Apple Tree

Natural narrow and columnar habit makes this a great container or court yard tree.

Apple Baujade/Initial/Sir Prize Apple Triple

Tree with 3 delicious disease resistant Apple varieties all grafted onto the same rootstock.

Apple Blush Babe Apple Tree

A dwarf variety of apple tree producing full sized crispy red fruit.

Apple Boskoop/Bramley Apple Dual

A great apple for cooking with.

Apple Braeburn Apple Tree

Braeburn apples have a unique combination of sweet and tart flavour and are medium to large in size.

Apple Bramley Apple Tree

England's most popular cooking apple.

Apple Bramley/Belle de Boskoop/Peasgood Nonesuch Apple Triple

A wonderful selection of apples.

Apple Cameusa De Il'Obregrate Apple Tree

A Heritage apple with yellow-green skin with a light red blush.

Apple Croquella Apple Tree

This natural dwarf apple produces full-sized, juicy apples with excellent flavour.

Apple Divine Apple Tree

A red skinned apple with crisp, juicy, crunchy flesh with a firm texture.

Apple Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Golden Delicious produces very sweet honey flavoured fruit, especially when tree ripened.

Apple Granny Smith Apple Tree

A classic bright green apple with a lovely tangy and crisp flesh.

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