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Pretty much indispensable in the garden with their ability to fill a gap, screen the neighbours, produce flowers, fruit, and often scent. The range is too big to count but by their very definition, having the benefit of staying at a compact and reasonable size – ‘A woody plant which is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground’ - Oxford Dictionary.

Box Honeysuckle Lonicera nitida

One of the fastest growing shrubs around, this super hardy evergreen lends itself to being tightly trimmed as a compact hedge or be used as a taller growing screening plant.

Broadway Mint Griselinia

Broadleaf, this versatile and popular evergreen features bright shiny, mint green leaves that appeal all year round.

Chamaecyparis Argentea Nana Conifer

A compact, dome forming shrub which is sought after for its silver, feathery-looking foliage.

Chamaecyparis Blue Gem Conifer

This conifer forms dense, upright, cone shapes.

Chamaecyparis Filifera Nana Conifer

This perfectly formed, compact conifer forms neat domes of dark green, mounding foliage.

Chamaecyparis Nana Aurea Conifer

This knee height, neat as a pin, dwarf conifer just oozes charm all year round with its sunny yellow foliage.

Chamaecyparis Red Star Conifer

This neat, small growing, pyramid shaped shrub has plum red foliage which changes to fresh shades of green throughout the season.

Compact English Box Hedging Buxus suffruticosa

This is a slower growing variety of Box hedging, it normally only requires trimming once a year.

Coprosma Scarlet O’Hara Coprosma repens

If you love autumnal tones and colours, then look to this neat and tidy shrub to add some welcome colour with its rich red and plum coloured foliage that is edged in cream.

Cordyline Raspberry Fountain Cordyline Australis 'Raspberry Fountain'

This mounding and graceful looking shrub has strappy, bright red foliage which cascades from a central point.

Cordyline Red Fountain Tesselaar

Packed with personality and vibrant colour, this mounding cabbage tree has all year round appeal with its arching intensely rich red foliage.

Corokia Frosted Chocolate Corokia Frosted Chocolate

This hardy, compact, native shrub has rich, toffee coloured leaves that are splashed with silver tones.

Corokia Geentys Green Corokia x virgata

This evergreen shrub is hardy, good looking and robust to a variety of situations.

Daphne Leucanthe Daphne odora Leucanthe

A much loved, medium sized shrub that covers itself in sweet, fragrant, pink flowers in the coldest months of the year.

Daphne White Daphne odora Alba

The pure white, heavily scented flowers of this evergreen burst into bloom in the cooler months through into spring.

Didrangea Versicolor Dichroa ver. Blue Sapphire

An evergreen hydrangea look-alike, with large glossy leaves and deep blue flowers in large round heads.

English Box Hedging Buxus sempervirens

Tidy, compact, evergreen shrub that lends itself to growing as a hedge, topiary or standard.

Feijoa Apollo Feijoa

Apollo is one of the largest varieties of Feijoa, its plump, almost fat looking fruit ripen mid to late season.

Feijoa Bambina Feijoa

This miniature growing Feijoa has cute, small fruit with an edible skin, it is ideal for large patio tubs and containers.

Feijoa Unique Feijoa

Unique ripens in early autumn and is a prolific bearer of fruit from a young age.

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