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Originally known as ‘The Low Growing Rose Tree’ the Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal so if you’ve climbed Mt Everest and want a touch of the Himalayas in the garden, here’s your ideal plant. One of the delights of spring, the flowers are large, spectacular, and come in beautifully blended subtle colours. Hardy, easy to grow and loving part shade, all they really need is consistent moisture with good drainage.

Alice Rhododendron Alice

Pale pink with tall conical trusses.

Anah Kruschke Rhododendron Anah Kruschke

Ruffled deep coloured flowers when opening then lightening.

Bibiani Rhododendron Bibiani

Very dark crimson flowers in large cone shaped trusses.

Black Magic Rhododendron Black Magic

Deep black red flowers on good sized trusses.

Blue Diamond Rhododendron Blue Diamond

Petite lavender/purple flowers bloom all along the dense, finely branched stems.

Broxton 247 Rhododendron Broxton 247

Satin purple-pink blooms that feature blotches of deeper purple on the upper petals.

Bruce Brechtbill Rhododendron Bruce Brechtbill

Soft pink and cream flowers on a perfectly foliaged tight rounded plant.

Bumble Bee Rhododendron Bumble Bee

Great big flower. Good clear purplish blue with a black eye.

Buna Rhododendron Buna

Warm peachy orange buds opening to rich biscuit-cream flowers.

C.I.S Rhododendron C.I.S

Gorgeous orange crimson blossoms changed to creamy apricot.

Christmas Cheer Rhododendron Christmas Cheer

Light to medium pink flowers on a well shaped bush.

Chrysomanicum Rhododendron Chrysomanicum

Rich brilliant yellow open trumpet flowers, in loose trusses.

Cornubia Rhododendron Cornubia

An early red which ranks amongst the best for clarity and colour. Good strong grower which keeps its shape.

Cos Rhododendron Cos

Stunning white blooms atop a low hardy bush.

Cunninghams White Rhododendron Cunninghams White

A pink bud opening to petite white flowers with a greenish yellow blotch.

Fireman Jeff Rhododendron Fireman Jeff

Wonderfully bright hot red flower with large bright red calyx.

Fragrantissimum Rhododendron Fragrantissimum

An amazingly fragrant hybrid with dark green leaves and white funnel shaped flowers.

Glenfallach Blue Rhododendron Glenfallach Blue

Stunning vibrant blue flowers blooming from September.

Grace Seabrook Rhododendron Grace Seabrook

Early blooming bright blood red flowers with stunning foliage.

Grumpy Rhododendron Grumpy

Cream flushed pink flowers form neat round trusses. Very compact.

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