Grasses and Flaxes

Astelia Silver Spear Chatham Island Astelia

This striking, silver coloured flax-like plant is perfect for providing contrast in the garden amongst other leafy and textured plants.

Black Mondo Grass Ophiopogon ‘Black Dragon’

This compact ground covering plant just hugs the ground with its midnight black strappy leaves.

Burnet's Boston Green Coated - Leisure Lawn Fine American Rye and Fine Fescue (Growth Coated)

A great all round mix for all of NZ.

Burnet's Ezystrike Boston Green Fine RyeGrass and Fine Fescue

The Ezystrike process has been scientifically developed to assist in the survival, germination and establishment of high quality lawn.

Burnet's Ezystrike Premium Lawn Seed Chewings and Creeping Red Fescues

Fine lawn, ideal for hot and dry conditions. New grass grub control giving a show lawn appearance.

Burnet's Ezystrike Shade Tolerant Mix Fine and Hard Fescues

Very slow growing, ideal for shady places. New grass grub control. Suitable for steeper growing areas.

Burnet's Green Supreme Bare Seed Mix Rye and clover

Very hardy lawn.

Burnet's Patch Pack Coated Grass Seed Fine Turf Rye and Fine Fescue

Top quality hard wearing lawn seed.

Burnet's Prebble Wearwell Hard Lawn Ryegrass, Fescue and Browntop

Fast establishing general lawn.

Burnet's Sun or Shade Coated Grass Seed Fine & Hard Fescues

Growth coated plus wetting agent.

Burnet's Superfine Mix Burnets Superfine Mix

Growth coated plus wetting agent.

Carex Everest Flax

This is a neat, pale creamy green grass that holds its colour, form and texture all year round.

Carex Everillo Flax

The bright yellow foliage of this grass forms neat, compact mounds which quickly cover large, open areas.

Carex Snowline Flax

This plant is a popular choice with gardeners as the two-toned, dark green and pale cream leaves add interest to wherever it is planted.

Dianella Little Rev Flax

This stiff-looking, powder blue grass forms dense clumps of stiff-looking foliage in even the poorest of soils.

Dianella Tas Red Flax

Dianella are a great choice for mass plantings when structure, form and good looks are required.

Green Mondo Grass Ophiopogon Planiscapus

This compact ground covering plant has dark green, strappy leaves.

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