Going up the wall is what most of us try to avoid but it’s a very positive move for your plants to make. Climbers are superb multi-taskers giving colour, screening from neighbours, shade over pergolas, and disguising of unsightly walls. And if you’re short of space in the garden, climbers open up a whole new vertical dimension with a very small footprint when it comes to creating ‘garden rooms’.

Boston Ivy Parthenocissus tri. Veitchii

This delightful, self-clinging climber charms people with its large, fresh, glossy green leaves in summer.

Chilean Bell Flower Lapageria rosea

This twining, evergreen climber is something special. With glossy, dark green leaves, it looks good all year round.

Clematis Paniculata NZ Native Clematis

A quick-growing, native, evergreen climber, happiest growing in a spot where its roots are in the shade and where its branches can grow up to reach the sun.

Clematis Purity Clematis paniculata

A lovely, hardy and evergreen climber which features glossy, deep green leaves all year round and a flurry of pure white flowers in spring.

Clematis Snowdrift Clematis Armandii 'Snowdrift'

This is one vigorous evergreen climber, with glossy green leaves, it can quickly cover a wall or fence.

Clematis Sweetheart Clematis x cartmanii 'Sweet Hart'

This evergreen climber that doesn’t get overly tall, making it an ideal option for pots and smaller gardens.

Climbing Hydrangea Hydrangea Petiolaris

Lovely, lush-looking, dark green leaves appear from the stems in spring and last until winter.

Ficus Pumila Creeping Fig

This self-clinging, climbing and creeping fig is a great choice if you are after something to cover a wall or concrete surface that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Ficus Pumila Minima Climbing Fig

This small leafed, climbing fig provides a smaller alternative to its big brother, the larger leafed Ficus pumila.

Hedera Birdsfoot Birdsfoot Ivy

Sought after by florists because of its contrasting grey and green leaves.

Hedera Canariensis Ivy

With large, glossy, dark green leaves, this quick growing ivy can be used as a climber to cover large walls, banks, old trees stumps and fences with ease.

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