How to Water Plants in Pots

Top tips for watering pots by Peter Worsp

Filmed and produced by Pippa Marffy.

Pots dry out really fast in the summer, especially when it's hot and windy.

Potted plants are heavily reliant on being watered and fed. Their roots are contained so they cannot go in search of their own water/food source.

Watering foliage creates the perfect humid environment for fungal issues - avoid this.

Ensure all sides of the pot get watered, water deeply and well. 

Allow pots to dry out slightly between waterings. You can check by sticking yout finger into the soil and testing for moisture.

Fill the pot's saucer with water when you go on holiday. This acts as a reservoir for your plants to tap into when they get thirsty.

Saturaid is a natural, coir-based product great for absorning water and directing it the root zone of the plant.

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