How to Make a Pea Straw Bale Garden

A 3 minute read by Peter Worsp

How to condition the bale before planting (10-14 days):

  • For the first 3 days water thoroughly
  • On the following 6 days use liquid fertiliser to add nitrogen and speed up decomposition
  • On day 10 return to watering bale until temperature inside bale reflects the outside temperature

You are now ready to plant...

  • Remove straw to form hole that is as deep as the rootball 
  • Place plant in hole, adding potting soil for extra nutrients and stability
  • Fill the rest of the hole with the straw you removed 
  • Water well (DON'T LET THE BALE DRY OUT)
  • Fertilise every week or two

Gardening note: If planting on grass put several layers of newspaper or a peice of cardboard underneath to prevent/minimise weeds and grass growing up into the bale. You can create your garden out of as many bales as desired and formatted into whatever shape you like.


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