How to Grow Potatoes in a Container

Container growing potatoes by Peter Worsp

Filmed and produced by Pippa Marffy.

Use a large tub with drain holes. We have used a 50L tub.

Fill the bottom 20cm with good quality potting mix such as Yates, Daltons or Tui.

We are planting our potatoes that have been chitting (sprouting) the last few weeks.

When chitting place them with their 'eyes' facing up to make it easier for the sprouts to grow.

Sprouting them speeds the growing process when they are in the ground.

Space five potato sees in a 50L container and ensure the sprouts are facing up.

There should be abot 20cm of soil underneath. 

Potatoes grow from the green stems that sprout from the original potato.

The longer you encourage your stems to grow, the more potatoes you'll get.

If planting potatoes early in the season cover with frost cloth to protect them.

For a bumper crop feed your potatoes Tui Potato Food regularly. This gives them all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

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