How to Feed Houseplants

A 10 minute read by Peter Worsp

Filmed and produced by Pippa Marffy.

To get the best out of your house plants, you need to feed them.

Feed during the growing months (warm months October - April).

Generally house plants need watering once a week in the warm months.

Let them dry out (not too much) between waterings. They should never be sitting in water.

Use a directional watering can from above and fill up the saucer with water. Leave for a few hours to let them soak up as much water as they need. If after a few hours the saucer is still full with water, empty this.

Every second week feed when watering with a quality liquid fertiliser such as Ican Fast Food. 

Use liquid fertiliser to get lovely, lush deep greens and great growth. 

Pop half a cap full per litre of water into your watering can. Then water your house plants as you normally would.

If you are worried about strength it is better to use a weaker solution but more often. You do not want to shock or burn the plants.

You can use Ican Fast FOod on all your veges and in pots/hanging baskets. It'll give your plants a fabulous boost!

Ensure your house plant leaves are kept clean - no dust. Wipe them gently with a wet cloth or pop them out in warm, soft rain to give them a good wash and drink. 

Rain has wonderful nutrients! Alternatively collect rain water to feed your plants with. 

Ican Fast Food is also great as a foliar spray - use a weak solution only. Spray gently onto your plant leaves. 

Summary of how and when to feed house plants

Feed liquid fertiliser (Ican Fast Food) from Labour weekend to Eater (Oct-April, warm months when house plants do their growing).

Start with feeding 1/2 strength for the first month (1/4 cap per 1 litre) fed fortnightly. Then feed full strength (1/2 cap per 1 litre) fortnightly till Easter.

Do not feed over winter while indoor plants are dormant.

It is always better to have a weak solution of liquif fertiliser than one that is too strong. A strong solution can shoch and burn plant roots. Less is more, more often.

Indoor plant families that love being fed:

(Use full strength liquid fertiliser, fortnightly)

  • Calathea
  • Spathiphyllum
  • MOnstera
  • Epipremnum
  • Croton
  • Philodendron
  • Ficus

Indoor plant families that light a light feeding"

(Use half strength liquid fertiliser, fortnightly)

  • Palm family: use 1/2 strength
  • Fern family use 1/2 strength
  • Dracaena family: only need to feed twice a year

If using your liquid fertiliser as a foliar spray (i/e spraying direct onto leaves) make sure your solution is very diluted (1/4-1/2 strength only). You do not want to burn the leaves. Do not spray flowers.

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