How To Espaliering Fruit Trees

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Summary of Planting and Training Your Fruit Fruit Trees

Espaliering fruit trees is a great way to utilise space against a wall or fence which can allow the trees to be a feature or divider in the garden. You can plant trees all year round however it is most ideal in autumn as the tempratures are lowering reducing stress on watering but the soil tempratures are still warm which allows for quick new root growth.

Before planting 

Choose a tree that is naturally fanning in shape, a branch on either side of the main stalk to enable them to be trained down. Don't prune the main stem yet to allow yourself options for next years growth.

Soak in a bucket of the Grosafe Organic Root-gro which stimulates soil fungi that in turn increases the uptake of nutrients & soil health – improving yield & increasing growth rates of the fruit.

If you are planting multipe fruit trees leave a 3 Metre gap between plants.


Dig a hole as large as your garden allows and use quality soil for planting.     Our staff can recommend the best mix based on your garden soil type as everyone has different soil conditions.

On top of the plant you can use the Tui Mulch 'n' Feed which provides the benefits of mulching whilst the healthy additions of blood and bone, mulching straw and sheep pellets to replace vital nutrients used by the plants.


When planting you can use the iCan Slow Food for a balanced feed of nutrients over two years and top it up in spring and autumn with Tui NovaTec, it provides a sustained release of easy to absorb nitrogen so plants receive a balanced and even spread of all essential nutrients.

Plant training 

Use Soft Cloth Tie or any tie that is stretchy and soft so it wont restrict the tree growth. Tie the branches in intervals along the wires to train them into growth.


The little branches below where you are espaliering the tree can be pruned as they are of no use to the tree however the tree does require a sufficient ammount of leaves to provide nutrients to the plant to grow so leave a few just below the where you are espaliering.

Use the Grosafe Prune 'n' Paste to seal the cuts and protect from fungal issues or diseases getting into the cut.

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