How to Care for your Terrarium

A 3 minute read by Peter Worsp

Light and Water are the two essential elements in the success of your terrarium. These little gardens are often seen in offices or given as gifts because they grow and survive well in indirect sunlight with little watering.

Lighting: Place the terrarium in a bright area of your home with plenty of indirect sunshine, keeping in mind that glass often magnifies direct sun which could potentially burn your plants. If you notice your plants turning brown, they may be getting too much light and should be moved.

Watering: The frequency with which terrariums must be watered is heavily dependant on how much ventilation they recieve. If your terrarium is enclosed they require little watering (can have months between). If you have an open terrarium an occassional mist spray will keep the plants happy. When it's time to add extra moisture use a spoon, eyedroper or a water sprayer to prevent over watering.

Gardener's note: Remember to prune your plant to keep them at your desired size.

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