How to Care for your Phalaenopsis Orchid

A 5 minute read by Peter Worsp

Palaenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchid) are ideal plants to grow in a home. They are houseplants par excellence. It is possible to buy a flowering plant and enjoy the flowers for at least six months. It is best situated on the coffee table in the lounge, on top of the fridge in the kitchen, or in a place away from a window to give strong light but not direct sunlight. Phalaenopsis like the warmth of a cosy home and they also appreciate steamy bathrooms.

In the summer water apoximately once a week - sit in a dish of water for 20 minutes then drain well. Water once every two-three weeks in winter repeating the same process. Never water into crown of plant as this will cause the plant to rot. Watering with tepid water gives the best results but let the pot dry out between watering, don't water if surface of pot is still damp. If your plant is potted in spagnum moss, be aware that spagnum moss holds more moisture than pine bark and coconut fibre.

Add orchid feed when watering. We also have Baby Bio Drip Feeders available in store. Keep warm and humid (placing pot on a tray with pebbles or metal chip will assist with the humidity).

Do not cut off roots (unless they are shrivelled up looking), allow air roots to run outside the pot. When flowers are finished, cut flower stalk above second node (approx. 12-20cm up the stalk) and the plant will develop a new branch after a few weeks and a second flowering period will begin. Phalaenopsis are not seasonal and although there may be more flowers at one time than another, it isn't difficult to have at least one plant in flower all year round from a few plants.

Usually a 10-12cm pot is enough for a flowering size plant but when the plant outgrows a container, pot up to one size larger than the previous container usuing a specific orchid mix such as the Daltons Orchid Bark which is available in store. 

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