How to Care for your African Violets

A 3 minute read by Peter Worsp

African violets are one of the most popular of all flowering indoor plants. They are quite small so they’re able to fit into the smallest of places and brighten a room. They require minimal care, perfect for indoor gardeners and are often happiest when given less water.




A bright position with no direct sunlight, ideally a temperature between 18°C-20̉°C.




Water from below - moderately during the growing season, allowing the surface of the soilto dry out between watering. DON’T OVERWATER!! Use a long-spouted watering can tpo water under the foliage or stand the pot in water for 30 minutes. Water less in cooler winter temperatures. Apply high potash liquid fertiliser (Yates Liquid Potash) every 2 weeks when in flower and a standard liquid feed (Thrive Houseplant) at other times.




Remove damaged leafstalks and dead flower stalks by twisting them sideways to break off the entire stalk. Do not cut them. Soft, brown spots on the leaves can be caused by moisture lying on the foliage or by the sun shining directly on the plant.




Repot in spring, when roots fill the pot. The plant flowers best when slightly pot-bound, use a pot that is about one-third the diameter of the plant.


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