A Basic Guide to Winter Pruning

A 5 minute read by Peter Worsp

Filmed and produced by Pippa Marffy.

Phill will cover how to prune all your deciduous fruit trees (both pip and stone fruit).

Key Tips:

Ensure you prune on a nice dry day that is hot and sunny. Use pruning paste on cuts to prevent disease.

Thin out branches, choose ones that are weak, diseased, crossing over or likely to rub to lessen congestion and allow more light in. Reduce the number of tall shoots from last summer.

Follow the 4 D's: Dead, Diseased, Damaged and Distance (space between scaffold branches).

Never trim the branches flush with the other branch, always leave a 'collar' - this prevents disease getting into the main branch. Always cut on an angle so that the rainwater can run off with ease and finally seal with pruning paste.

After pruning you can spray your trees with Grosafe FreeFlo Copper and Grosafe EnSpray99 spraying oil, this ensures bugs and diseases stay away!


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